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Texting All Titans
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Terra and Beast Boy, nonsexual, flipping out with each other like RobStar scenes, requested by @teentitanswithterra

Beast Boy ——-> Terra
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Kyd Wyckyd and Raven submitted by teentians1234
Raven ———> Starfire

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Requested by @jeremielei101

Beast Boy ——-> Raven

Beast Boy and Raven having a conversation about when Raven “dated” Aqualad.
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Robin texting Raven in the End trilogy, her not responding.

Robin ————-> Raven

Submitted by anonymous
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Raven —> Robin

RobRae requested by anonymous

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taiwankitten-moving-deactivated whispered: Sorry to be a bother, but, are you guys still accepting new Mods? Is there any sort of application or set of questions we need to answer?

We are still accepting mods. We’d like a brief description of yourself and then an example of either a fanfiction you’d write or a text message. :)

- Mod Raven

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Sorry it took me so long. I was trying to make it as perfect as possible. Enjoy! 


             “Seriously Raven, I can’t believe you are making me do this!”

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Beast Boy —> Raven

~Requested by anonymous~

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Anonymous whispered: Can I translate all your text message to Spanish? I will really love to do it.

As long as credit is given back to this blog, I have no problem with it!

- Mod Raven

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve created a Terraven Week! It’ll work a lot of other ship weeks. Each day of the week will be a new prompt for people to participate in! Each prompt can be interpreted however you want, there’s no wrong way to participate.

The week will fall on May 4th - May 10th.


  • Day 1: First Encounter
  • Day 2: Trust
  • Day 3: Confessionals
  • Day 4: Last Night Together
  • Day 5: Aftershock
  • Day 6: Nightmares
  • Day 7: Free Day (Anything You Want!)


  1. Be sure to tag your submissions as #terraven week or #terravenweek
  2. Everything is allowed, from art to edits to fanfics to fanmixes and more!
  3. Have fun!

Be sure to spread the word! Thanks so much for reading!

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